Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard

Full Flower Moon Dreamboard

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I'm excited to finally be participating in the Full Moon Dreamboard posts! In keeping with the name of this month's full moon, our heavenly host, Jamie Ridler, has asked us to visualize what we want to flower abundantly in our life this month.

Some time ago, in a post far away, I mentioned that I have strange and unpleasant dreams. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed one. Most nights, I'll doze in front of my laptop a few minutes here, a few minutes there and stay up until midnight or later, waking up at 5:15 a.m. During those hours in the dreamworld, I'm usually either on a quest or running from something or someone. I'm never really sure who that person is but I know they want to harm me in some way, emotionally or physically. My task in these dreams is to find a particular object or person. While most of these quests or escapes are set outdoors, houses and buildings are almost always an important prop.

Most people look forward to sinking back in their comfy beds after a long, busy day allowing Morpheus to have his way with them, but I truly prefer to encounter my dreams during the day when I have some measure of control. The soft, comfy bed is kinda nice, though.

What I want to flower abundantly this month is a practice of visualizing pleasant scenarios and locations before going to sleep in an effort to direct where my dreams will take me. I long to look forward to those hours in dreamland.

NOTE: This was posted before Jamie's Full Moon Dreamboard post and I took her question from her newsletter. In her actual post, she also asks What seeds will you plant this month?

Along with recreating my garden, I would like to sow seeds of contentment. I know there are others like me who love and and enjoy their lives and the people in it but are always thinking there's something still needed to make them truly happy. Maybe that something or someone is God, maybe it is something else.

I am NOT saying we shouldn't have wishes and dreams, long for a partner, plan a new career or work toward equality, justice and an end to hunger. I'm saying that while we are doing those things, we should appreciate where we are in our lives and discern what our purpose is at any given moment. I truly believe there is a purpose for our circumstance; that we can find something in our situation to hang on to and work with, no matter how difficult.

I have found that always looking to the future and not living in the present can be destructive. It can eat at you and breed hopelessness.

Let us wish our wishes, dream our dreams, search for hidden treasures and pray for the answers. And while we're doing that, let's also be thankful for our blessings and content in our situation knowing that it is where we are supposed to be right now. Perhaps it is where we need to be in order to get to where we're going.

P.S. I'm sorry if that sounded preachy. I just felt compelled to talk about this because it has been an issue for me for many years and I hate to think of others always feeling that churning in their gut, that frustration that what they're looking for (even if they don't know what that is) is forever just out of reach.

Many blessings to you all!

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